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SEMINARS - Saturday June 28th & Sunday June 29th

Seminars for the beginner and the experienced will be given by the top experts in their fields at this year’s ScubaFest.  All seminar participants will receive extra drawing tickets to increase your chances of winning some great prizes. Space and seating is very limited so arrive early for each seminar so you don’t get locked out and miss out on those extra tickets for the drawings.


10:00am      Introduction to Nitrox Diving: Why Nitrox? Is it for me?

Nitrox has now been in the diving industry for several decades and is becoming more popular every year. This seminar will give you the “Ins and Outs” of Nitrox, the costs and why it will replace air as your primary gas in the future. Don’t miss this one!

                   Seminar by Greg Wolfkill, SDI/TDI Technical Instructor


11:00am       You Won’t Believe Your Eyes: Using the Heads Up Display Mask From Aeris

                   You’ve heard it talked about for years and now here’s your chance to get the lowdown on
A eris CompuMask HUD direct from the horse’s mouth so to speak.  Come and sit down
                   with Jon Hayes from Aeris and hear about the benefits of diving heads up.
See how
                   the Digital Optic System allows you to keep your eyes focused on the dive while presenting
                   critical dive data including: current depth, elapsed dive time, cylinder pressure, and dive
                   time remaining.  Folks, this is the future of diving, and here’s your chance to get in on the
                   ground floor.

                   Seminar by Jon Hayes, Aeris Factory Representative


12:00pm       Beginning Underwater Photography: How to Get Started and Purchasing Your   First Underwater Camera System

 Mike Hooley rarely if ever goes in to the water without a camera in his hand and states that
 the really big underwater hunt is capturing the marvels of the undersea world. It’s easy and  the prices have dropped. Learn how to set up your first system and price one out.

                    Seminar by Mike Hooley, SeaLife Photo Representative/PADI Instructor

2:00pm         Choosing a Drysuit

 This seminar will show you how to get the most out of diving in northwest cold waters all  
 year long. The best time to dive is in the fall and winter and you want to be properly
 insulated to see the things you won’t see in the summer. Learn how to choose and build a
 drysuit system for you.

                    Seminar by John Boyer, DUI Representative/NAUI Instructor


3:00pm         Technical Diving – A New Adventure!

                    Technical diving is the stuff that takes you to the adventures, movies are made of. Learn  
                    about this fascinating activity and how to get in to it. This will give you the experience that
                    you dreamed about before you started scuba diving. Peter will start with step one and take
                    you on a new adventure!

                    Seminar by Greg Wolfkill, SDI/TDI Technical Instructor