Our Beginning Comprehensive SCUBA Course

The adventure starts here!

Available for 1-4 persons who wish to have an instructor exclusively for themselves or their own private group. Based on individual instructor availability, this course must be scheduled with the instructor and will cater to your specific time requirements.

Course Fee: $599.95 per person.
Semi-private (2-4 persons) $499.95 per person

Private Referral option available for $399.95 per person.

Prerequisites: Average swimming ability, and average health. A physician’s consultation may be necessary for some individuals.

Required Materials:  NAUI Scuba Diver education system ($169.95). Students are to provide their own personal gear i.e. Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots, and Gloves, as these must specifically fit each individual student. Toys and basic snorkeling packages not permitted. All educational kits and personal gear are available at our stores.

Upgrades: Add $155 + drysuit education system to learn Scuba Diving in a Drysuit (Drysuit and Drysuit Certification card provided). Add $125 + nitrox education system for Certification in the use of Nitrox Specialty diving gas for longer and safer dives.

Weeknight and Weekend Courses Available

Available Basic Courses

Course Schedule