OTS Guardian FFM Universal Slide with 2 Clamps


GFFM Universal Slide with 2 Clamps

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Model#: 920015-000
GFFM Universal Slide with 2 Clamps

The Universal Slide serves as a mount for video cameras, lights, head’s up displays, and other devices. After a device is mounted to the Universal Slide it can be slid onto any dive equipment (masks/hats, ROV) that has the Accessory Rail attached, and then quickly removed by pressing the release button. For example, this feature makes it easy to use one video camera on different divers, a ROV, or mounted on the Accessory Rail Pole Knuckle. Surface support can exchange devices that have been pre-mounted to the Universal Slide without removing a diver from the water, and with no tools. This “Quick Exchange” feature is important when circumstances change during a dive and different equipment is needed, or when changing out divers. The cameras and lights are moved between divers quickly and efficiently. Each Accessory Rail will accept two Universal Slides.




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