DiveR Carbon Innegra Blades


High quality carbon innegra fiber blades.


DiveR Carbon Innegra Blades are recognized around the world as one of the best and most durable carbon fiber blades in the world.  They are made of the highest quality carbon fiber material interwoven with innegra fiber with a customised hybrid epoxy resin system. The latest in technology from the leaders in spread tow fibre development, Innegra fibre allows the fin to deform far past normal carbon fins. This high tech fibre is hydrophobic and designed to absorb impact, but unlike kevlar does not degrade over time. Simply the best fin ever produced by DiveR. These blades will also reduce the fatigue compared to the 100% carbon fiber blades and composite blades. The blades have a three warranty which is the longest for any carbon fiber blade in the market today. All DiveR blades are hand made in Australia by founder Ray Powell a commercial freediver and champion spearfisherman.

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Soft, Medium


Reef Monochrome




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