Aqualung Sphera X Mask


Need versatility so you can use the same gear for freediving? No problem. The Sphera is build for time at depth, but streamlined for swimming: the sleek frame and low-profile buckles reduce drag. Plus, the lenses have UVA/UVB protection for time at the surface. Features curved lenses for true, 180-degree visibility.

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This ultra low volume mask is designed to fit the needs of scuba divers and freedivers alike; if you partake in both activities, this scuba mask has the best qualities for scuba diving and freediving. The Aqua Lung Sphera scuba mask has a narrow bridge separating its curved lenses to provide a true 180 degree range of visibility. Its super sleek design reduces drag while swimming.


  • Patented Plexisol® lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, useful for sun protection for freedivers spending time on the surface
  • True 180 degree visibility for maximum awareness of your surroundings
  • Anti-fog and scratch-resistant lens coating improves durability and gives crystal clear viewing
  • Slim mask strap and buckle design minimize drag and are easily adjustable

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clear/glacier, all black, navy blue, white/black, white/raspberry, white/tropic yellow




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