OMER Alien Mask


This mask is the most universal spearfishing and free diving mask on the market.  It has low internal volume which is essential for breath-hold diving plus comes in a variety of color options.

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Omer Alien low volume mask is designed with spearos in mind to be as hydrodynamic as possible. Omer Alien dive mask is positively the first mask on the market designed and conceived exclusively for spearfishing. The buckles have been positioned on the silicone skirt, instead of the classic position on the mask frame. This allows for greater hydrodynamics and reduces the total weight of the dive mask. The lenses sit close to the eyes for a wide field of vision.

The Omer Alien mask is great for spearfishing, freediving, scuba diving or just snorkeling.


  • Black Silicone to block glare
  • Two lenses
  • Ultra Soft Silicone skirt for comfort
  • Low Volume
  • Easy to clear

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Black Silicone, Blackmoon, Camu 3D, Mirror Lens, Sea Green, Action Camera Mount




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