BARE 7mm Ultrawarmth Wet Hood


Ultrawarmth Wet Hoods feature high-loft Ultrawarmth Omnired™ Infrared Thermal Technology embedded in the inner fabric. Omnired™ is scientifically proven and FDA-determined to conserve body heat and accelerate thermal recovery. ELASTEK outer fabric provides heat retention and superior warmth. Designed specifically to mate with the BARE wetsuit collar, Ultrawarmth Wet Hoods fit comfortably, resist flushing, and are excellent additions to any dive kit.

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Ultrawarmth Accessories feature Ultrawarmth Omnired™ Infrared Technology—scientifically proven and FDA-determined to conserve body heat, accelerate thermal recovery and enhance performance. 13 thermo-reactive minerals embedded in the fabric of the material converts body heat into infrared energy and reflects it back to the body. Medical studies have shown that infrared energy improves the body’s circulation, and increased circulation improves the body’s oxygen levels, enabling you to use less energy, improve overall warmth, and increase your dive time.


  • High-loft Omnired™ inner fabric with ELASTEK full-stretch outer fabric
  • ELASTEK/GLIDESKIN-IN trimmable face and neck glides nicely over hair
  • Hood neck seal mates with drysuit seal / wetsuit collar
  • GEN2 hood vent allows trapped air to escape without letting water enter
  • Mask strap grip pad on the back of the hood secures mask strap in place
  • Double-glued and blindstitched with SECURELOCK construction improves isolation and reduces flushing for warmer, longer dives

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Your suit may fit perfectly but sometimes little things can affect a diver’s experience. A hood that bunches or lets water in is just enough discomfort to change the focus of a dive. Our hoods are designed with anatomical fit so it is important to measure for the perfect fit.

FOREHEAD: Start in the center, front and measure around the widest part.

NECK: Start in the center, front and measure around the middle of the neck.


Dry in the open shade, away from direct sunlight.

Store away from sources of heat and away from sources of UV radiation (mainly sunlight), as both of these may degrade the materials more rapidly.


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