Omer Blackstone Wetsuit Pants


This wetsuit features a camouflage characterized by shades of black and grey. The result is a very discreet camouflage that breaks up the diver’s figure by removing any reference in the eyes of the prey. The neoprene is an open cell interior and nylon exterior lining.


The Blackstone is a combination of in focus and out of focus patterns with the various shades of black and gray fading to almost whits make the patten work in various environments. The lighter colors reflect the ambient colors making the Blackstone pattern highly adaptable to its environment. The Blackstone also uses a new high stretch neoprene and fabric making it extremely comfortable and fit a wider range of individuals.


  • Black & gray camo pattern
  • Reinforced loading pad
  • Open cell inside
  • Abrasion resistant knees
  • Available in 3mm, 5mm and 7mm thickness
  • Sizes S/2 – XXXL/7

Additional information


2/S, 3/M, 4/L, 5/XL, 6/XXL, 7/3XL


3MM, 5MM, 7MM




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