Omer Holostone Wetsuit Jacket


Open cell/lined neoprene wetsuit featuring a photographic camouflage that alternates extremely clear areas to blurred ones. This makes this camouflage tridimensional. The extra-stretch nylon used guarantees an extreme comfort.


The Holo Stone suit is a combination of in focus and out of focus patterns along with the various shades of brown fading to almost white make the pattern work in various environments. The lighter colors reflect the ambient colors making the Holo Stone pattern highly adaptable to its environment. The Holo Stone also uses a new high stretch neoprene and fabric making it the stretchiest suit in OMER’s lineup. The high degree of stretch not only improves a diver’s comfort but also allows the Holo Stone to fit a wide range of body types.


  • Brown & White camo pattern
  • Ultra-stretch neoprene and fabric
  • Open Cell interior
  • Reinforced loading pad
  • Wrist, ankle and face seal (on 5mm and 7mm, the 3mm has high stretch fused cuffs)
  • Available in 3mm, 5mm and 7mm thickness
  • Sizes S/2 – XXXL/7

Additional information


2/S, 3/M, 4/L, 5/XL, 6/XXL, 7/3XL


3MM, 5MM, 7MM




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