Scubapro Definition Steamer 3mm Black/Pink – Women’s


Ultra-comfortable thermal protection for warm water diving. This Steamer is the “”definition”” of a reliable stay-warm dive system. The Definition 3mm Steamer is built with the body map system, a manufacturing method that uses a 3D cut, special tailoring and material inserts to create a suit that fits the body like a glove, provides extra stretch where it’s needed most, and offers a level of warmth, comfort and durability well-suited to active divers everywhere.

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The Definition Steamer 3mm is made from a non-allergenic and non-toxic X-Foam neoprene formula the only “green” neoprene that complies with the very strict P.A.H. (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydro-Carbons) test requirements. X-Foam neoprene, an exclusive Scubapro formula. Scubapro was the first in diving in 2012 to introduce X-Foam blend neoprene as part of their ongoing effort to better protect divers and our environment. All Scubapro neoprene is X-Foam. This unique rubber is petroleum free made from limestone neoprene. The rubber is lighter weight for travel and comfort has greater elasticity that increases comfort and mobility, higher insulation efficiency for better heat retention and is very durable for years of diving adventures.

Zippered seals at wrists and ankles plus a rear diagonal zipper block water entry, are comfortable and make the suit easy to put on and take off. Abrasion resistant fabric on shoulders and seat, along with elbow pads and kneepads, increase long-term durability. Spine pad cushions the tank, providing additional comfort during extended dives. Small neck zipper enhances topside comfort, eliminating the need to remove the suit between dives. I-Safe strap keeps a wrist instrument securely attached. Suit is available in multiple sizes.


  • Scubapro Definition Steamer 3mm Women’s:
  • Ultra-Comfortable Thermal Protection
  • For Warm Water Diving
  • New Steamer “Definition” of Reliable Stay-Warm Dive System
  • Body Map System:
    3D Cut, Special Tailoring
    Material Inserts Create Suit that Fits Body Like-a-Glove
    Provides Extra Stretch Where It’s Needed Most
    Level of Warmth, Comfort & Durability
    Well-Suited to Active Temperate-Water and Warm-Water Divers
  • Ultraspan Chest/Stretchtec Side Panels:
    Team Up to Deliver Stretch for Ultimate Comfort & Range of Motion
  • Infrared Fleece Interior Lining:
    Reflects Body Heat
    Ratchets Up Warmth
    Comfortable Against-the-Skin
  • 3mm Nylon-2 Neoprene:
    X-Foam Nylon-2 Neoprene an Exclusive Scuba Pro Formula
    Complies with Strict P.A.H. Test Requirements. P.A.H. (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)
    Better Protect Divers and Our-Seas
  • I-Safe-Straps:
    Secures Wrist Instruments
    Dive Computers, Depth Gauges or Compass
    Safely Secures Instruments
  • Seams: Glued and Sewn
  • Easy Self Donning and Doffing Diagonal Back Zipper Design w/Pull Tab Leash
  • Zippered Seals at Wrists and Ankles
  • Abrasion Resistant Fabric:
    Shoulders and Seat
    Elbow Pads and Kneepads
    Increases Long-Term Durability
  • Spine Pad Cushions Tank, Provides Additional Comfort During Extended Dives
  • Small Neck Zipper Enhances Topside Comfort, Eliminating Need to Remove Suit Between Dives
  • Available in Multiple Sizes



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