Offering the best comprehensive diving courses in the Pacific Northwest

Come discover why the great Jacques Cousteau called the Pacific Northwest “the best temperate water diving in the world”

We have been teaching SCUBA for 50 years and counting!

Lighthouse Diving Center is one of the oldest dive schools in the United States, with tens of thousands of certified divers having gone through our school. Many industry professionals originally learned SCUBA diving from Lighthouse, or were former employees of Lighthouse.

When you choose Lighthouse Diving Center, you have chosen the school the SCUBA Pros have used and trusted. The Lighthouse Diving courses are not a short-cut courses. Our courses are full certification courses where knowledge and training are emphasized. Our goal and mission is to build confidence in our students, and reward with the NAUI or PFI certification card as the recognition of successful completion of this intensive training.

Further, our training is fun! It feels good to be confident in the water with your equipment and skills, and a student doesn’t get that with short-cut programs. Harry Truitt was the very first Lighthouse instructor and has set the standard for quality instruction since 1972. When you sign up for a Lighthouse Diving course, you have chosen a quality dive course dedicated to your safety and enjoyment.

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Freediver Course: This is the start of breath-hold training.

Beginner Open Water Course: This is where it all starts.

Continuing Education Courses: Advanced OW, Rescue Diver, Master Scuba Diver, Specialty Courses, Enriched Air Nitrox Diver
and Many More.

Professional Courses: Assistant Instructor, Divemaster, Instructor.