Our Refresher SCUBA Courses

A Scuba “Tune-Up” For Certified Divers

Continue your adventure with confidence!

Highly recommended for anyone who has not been diving for a while. This course has two formats to give you an excellent opportunity to review academics, brush up on forgotten or rusty skills and be re-introduced to the open water environment in both a safe and supervised situation. 

An Industry recommendation for those who have not been diving for the past year, is  our single evening course conducted from 6:45 to 11 pm including class and pool session.

 Course Fee: $99.95 per person.

For those who haven’t been diving in over three years, we have our full refresher course.  In this course, you meet twice a week over three weeks or two weekends to re-Learn all the basic skills, diving science and safe practices necessary to comfortably rejoin the dive community.  

Course Fee: $350.00 per person.

Required materials: Mask, Snorkel, Fins and Boots . SCUBA regulator, BCD, Cylinder and weights will be provided for the course if you do not have them.

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