Expand Your Diving Capabilities

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Required for any diver wanting to eventually progress to the rating of Instructor. This course will give you extensive experience in demonstrating underwater skills to students, giving lectures, taking students on underwater tours, pre and post dive briefings, etc. A rigid series of water-skill evaluations, timed exercises and written examinations. Prerequisites: Rescue Diver, Master Scuba Diver, CPR and First Aid prior to actual certification as a Divemaster.

A Divemaster candidate may work on skills for Divemaster AND all prerequisites simultaneously as per such an arrangement with a specific instructor. This program (including all prerequisites) normally takes 6-8 months to complete if a candidate is able and willing to commit to an average of 2 evenings a week and at least 2 weekends per month.

Required materials: wrist slate.

Required textbooks: Scuba Instructor's Guide, NAUI S & P Manual.

Additional costs: $120.00 registration fee to NAUI upon completion.

Successful candidates must also carry insurance if actively working through Lighthouse as a Divemaster. Inquire with any NAUI Instructor for Details.

Course fee: $700.00