REGULATORS 350-6 Labor only
Annual Service & Overhauls $35.00/1st Stage *
$25.00/2nd Stage *
Single Stage Overhaul (1st or 2nd) $35.00/stage *
1st Year Warranty Inspections $37.50
48 Hours Rush Fee at Repair Facility $38.00 ***
Bench Check/Estimates $25.00
Minimum Service Charge $35.00
Full Face Masks (AGA, Neptune, OTS, Band masks) 350-11
Equipment Assembly (if not specified)
$95.00/hour *
+ $75.00
VALVE OVERHAULS 350-4 Labor only
K Valve Repair $25.00
J Valve Repair $40.00
Manifolds $95.00
TANKS Labor only
Hydrostatic Test / Visual Inspection Package 3500 psi tanks $49.95
4500 psi tanks $59.95
pre-’89 almtanks $69.95
Tumble – 3/4″ neck $32.50
Visual Inspection Steel and Aluminum post 1989 $20.00
Visual Inspection Aluminum pre 1989 $35.00
Visual / same day service Steel and Aluminum post 1989 $30.00
Visual / same day service Aluminum pre 1989 $45.00
Visual SCBA cylinder $20.00
Visual SCBA cylinder / same day service $30.00
Disassembly of Twin Tanks, Manifolds and Packs $20.00
Assembly of Twin Tanks, Manifolds and Packs $40.00
Burst disc change 1 pc $7.50
3 pc $9.50
Valve Service with Hydro (includes first disc change) $25.00
GAUGES Labor only
Pressure Gauge Accuracy Test $15.00
Depth Gauge Accuracy Test $37.50
Pressure Gauge Swivel Repair $18.75
Other – Photo Housing Leak Test $20.00
BC Annual Service $37.50
Power Inflator Overhaul (only) $25.00
BC Regulators (alternate air source inflators) $40.00
COMPUTERS Labor only
Battery Change (most computers – Plus batteries & o-ring) $20.00
DRYSUIT REPAIRS  **** Labor only
Latex Neck Seal Replacement (without glue removal) $42.00
Latex Wrist Seal Replacement (without glue removal) $45.00
Latex Ankle Seal/Socks Replacement (without glue removal) $45.00
Leak Test $35.00
Replace One Valve $37.50
Add/Change Boots By quote
Zipper Replacements By quote
Viking Drysuits By estimate
NOTE: All drysuits must be cleaned prior to repair, cleaning charge is $30.00
AIR-FILLS While you wait Dropped off
Single Standard Air Fill (A0/50/63-67/80/90/100) $8.00 $10.00
Hi-Volume Air Fill (120 cubic feet plus) $10.00 $12.00
Twins (twin 71.2, 80’s, 90, 100) $16.00 $20.00
Pony Tank (6, 13, 19, 30) $7.00 $10.00
Cascade Bottle (220 cubic feet) $25.00 ——
Paintball or Mini/Avalanche tanks $12.00
SCBA Air Fills – up to 3000 psi $12.00
SCBA Air Fills – up to 4500 psi $16.00
10 Fill Air Card $70.00
10 Fill Air Card Hi-Volume $90.00
After hours air fills are billed at 2 times the regular rate
Standard Aluminum 80 $14.00
High Capacity Blends Up To 40% $16.00
Standard cylinder Blends Over 40% $30.00
High Capacity Blends Over 40% $32.00
Nitrox Fill Card (24-44%) $112.00
Pure Oxygen Fills/Partial Fills (over 40%) By Quote
Compressors (portable and stationary) $95.00/hour
Underwater Pressure & Leak Testing – 1 to 500+ feet Cameras, Housings, Strobes, Lights and Computers &
Gauges (computer diagnostics charge extra)
$20.00 per item

*Older and obsolete systems and equipment may require restoration or updates and are subject to the availability of parts. Service charges for these items are higher than our standard charges.

**Prices do not include parts.

***Rush fees are 50% of labor cost/piece additional and receive 2 business days turn around time at our repair facility. This excludes off days by our repair staff.

****These prices apply to any standard replacement or install. Anything above and beyond will be billed at our regular hourly rate.

Dropped Off: means dropping off the cylinder(s) and coming back later to pick them up. There is additional company expense to holding customers tanks without claim checks as expense in floor space, time and risk of loss. After hours fills are 2 times single rate.

Warranty: All repairs performed by Lighthouse service staff are warranted for 90 days after a service is completed against defects in workmanship and materials.