Before you dive, come in for an equipment inspection and evaluation.

Let’s all help keep diving safely!

Proper maintenance of your equipment ensures your safety and allows you to relax and enjoy the scuba experience. Regulators go out of tune whether you use them or not. Plan ahead! We can perform all necessary upkeep in 10 days or less. Did you know that many manufacturers require proof of annual service to keep your warranty valid? Here’s what we strongly recommend (also, refer to the owners manual(s) for your equipment):

Available Services

  • Complete Service Packages Available
  • Regulator Testing/Repair
  • Octopus Testing/Repair
  • Alternate Air Source Testing/Repair
  • BCD Testing/Repair
  • Complete Regulator Overhaul
  • Nitrox Service/Conversion (02 cleaning)
  • Computer/Gauges/Depth Testing/Repair
  • Computer Battery Replacement
  • Scuba Cylinders Serviced
  • Rush service available: 1-2 day turnaround
  • Drysuit Testing/Repair
  • Vintage and Double Hose Regulator Repair and Restoration

Top 5 reasons for having your equipment serviced at Lighthouse Diving Center

1) 10 DAY TURNAROUND (Fastest in Seattle Area)

In most cases, we can have your gear ready in just a few days. If you need it really fast, we also offer a rush service.


The combination of a special solution and Ultra Sonic Waves allow us to remove all corrosion as well as visible and microscopic mineral and salt deposits to improve performance and help extend the life of your regulator. This procedure also removes excess lubrication residue such as silicone grease that can be dangerous when using Enriched Air Nitrox.


This instrument allows us to “dive” your depth gauge, computer or air integrated computer to test for leaks as well as depth accuracy and other features such as ascent alarm, decompression modes and no fly times. Our water-filled chamber can also check for leaks in camera housings and strobes if a leak test is needed.


Our team of Service Technicians has collectively, over 100 years of experience repairing scuba diving equipment. ‘Nuff said? Well just in case it’s not; Our certified Life Support Equipment Technicians are certified by all the top manufacturers of dive equipment, so don’t trust your life support equipment maintenance to just anyone! Our Team can service and repair all of your underwater life support equipment. We stock more in our parts department than some dive stores stock in complete inventories.

Brands serviced include but not limited to are: AGA, Aqualung, Apeks, Atomic, Beuchat, Cressi Sub, Dive Rite, Genesis, Mares, Oceanic/Aeris, Farallon DPVs, Ocean Edge/Ocean Reef, O.M.S., Poseidon, Pro Sub, Scubapro, Sea Quest, Sherwood, TUSA /Tabata, U.S. Divers, Zeagle, and if parts are available: Dacor, DCA/Divair, Healthways, La Spirotechnique, N.E. Divers, Nemrod, Sportsways, Swimaster, Tekna and AMF/Voit.


We trust our service and repair facility so much, we have a 90 day warranty on all our services.  We aren’t the only one who trust our technicians knowledge. several major manufacturers have us assist them in product testing, research and development. Some of the great products you can buy now were tested in our facility and or by our technicians when they were still prototypes!


  • All Technicians have up to date certifications.
  • Service is done with manufacturer specified parts kits.
  • Service is done with manufacturer specified tools.
  • Service is done to manufacturer specified standards.