Yes, Lighthouse rents gear and at great prices too!

Out of town guests? Haven't purchased that last piece of gear yet? Check out our rental prices.
Aluminum 80 with 1st air fill$15.00
Steel 100/3500 psi with 1st air fill$20.00
Nitrox aluminum 80 with nitrox fill$24.00
We do not rent pony tanks, adapters, nor twin tanks except for long term rentals and by special arrangements. Air refills are our standard rates.
Regulator Systems 
With octopus and analog gauges$15.00
With extra LP hose for drysuit$18.00
Hi-performance DEMO Regulator Systems (When available)$20.00
Buoyancy Compensators 
Non weight integrated$15.00
Weight integrated$18.00
Atlan Wetsuits 
Wetsuit (XS-XXL, Size 6-16)$15.00
Size 3x or size 18$20.00
Size 4x or 5x$25.00
Split sizes$18.00
Cleaning Fee$20.00
Weights, Belts, and Harnesses 
Weight belt only (no lead)$1.00
Weight Harness$20.00
Lead Weight (Bare).30 cents/lb
Pouch weight.35 cents/lb
Drysuit shell only (OS System)$65.00
Drysuit Package (includes under garment, hood and bag)$85.00
Automatic cleaning fee on Package$20.00
Miscellaneous Items 
Boots (sizes 6-13 only)$8.00/pair
Gloves (sizes XS-XL only)$8.00/pair
Separate hood, wet or dry$8.00
Masks and Snorkels$10.00
  • Prices are based on a one day rental. Additional days are charged at a rate equal to one half of the one day rental rate.
  • Our Atlan wetsuits are made from a high density neoprene to keep you warm and cozy.
  • We feature Bare drysuits - a trusted name in exposure suit manufacturing. Please call in advance for availability of drysuits.
  • All rentals subject to availability.