Our SCUBA Course Upgrades

Enhance your diving education and increase your comfort and safety!

Drysuit Specialty Upgrade:

When you are warm and comfortable in the water, you are diving safer, more confidently and more enjoyably, and you learn faster. Drysuit divers are more likely to do multiple dives on a given day or trip, and dive year round (the best diving is often in the coldest, wettest months of the year. A SCUBA drysuit is a piece of specialty equipment that requires extra training. You will do an academic and pool session to learn to safely dive your suit, and you will do your four open water dives in your drysuit under the supervision of your instructor. You will receive a Drysuit Diver Specialty certification card upon completion of this course. The upgrade charge includes the rental of the drysuit, undergarment, inflator hose and hood.

Upgrade fee: $175 per person

Nitrox Specialty Upgrade:

Breathing Oxygen-enriched air (Nitrox) on your dives gives you the advantages over regular air of diving longer, and doing shorter surface intervals. Nitrox is the breathing gas of choice for dive travel, allowing more dives per day, letting you maximize your travel dollar. Nitrox is available at Lighthouse, and around the world at all major diving destinations. Nitrox can also be used to greatly lessen your susceptibility to decompression sickness (the bends). This upgrade includes an academic session, and diving Nitrox on 2 of your open water dives.

Upgrade fee: $295 per person.

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