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Garmin Dive Computer Smart Watch

Garmin Descent G1

Land or Sea, you want a dive computer that can double as an everyday smartwatch. The Descent G1 Series is built for both worlds.
Mail in Rebate $50
MSRP $549.95

Garmin Descent MK2S

Garmin's smallest watch-style dive computer – ideal for women and those with smaller wrists – designed for everyday wear and maximum functionality.
Mail in Rebate $100
MSRP $999.99

Garmin Descent MK2

The Descent Mk2 feature Garmin’s most sought-after everyday smartwatch features making it one of the most sophisticated and connected watch-style dive computers on the market today.
Mail in Rebate $100
MSRP $1299.99

Garmin Descent MK2i

Garmin's Air Integrated capable computer, with all the sought-after everyday smartwatch features.
Mail in Rebate $200
MSRP $1499.99

Momentum Watches

Momentum Torpedo with Black Nato Strap

The Torpedo is a classic dive watch that can be worn anywhere. It features a 44mm 316L stainless steel case with a brushed finish and 200M water-resistance, perfect for divers or those who spend lots of time in the water. Available with either mineral glass or virtually scratch-proof sapphire crystal.
30% OFF
MSRP $145.00

Momentum Splash

Add a “splash” of color to your outfit with our best-selling Splash model! Available in a wide array of colors, where one is sure to fit your style. Housed in a comfortable 38mm case, the Splash is a great fit for both men or women. The lumed dial ensures you can read the time day-or-night.
30% OFF
MSRP $169.00

Momentum M1

Classic Dive Watch.
30% OFF
MSRP $145.00

Momentum Mini

Add a pop of color to your style with one of our Mini watches! The elegant case design is complimented by bright colors that give this watch a fun appearance in a package that boasts serious dive watch capabilities.
30% OFF
MSRP $189.00

Dive Computers

Aqualung i550 Air Intergated Computer

Straightforward and rugged, the i550 is all business. It has three dive modes, an easy-to-read, large-face console with accurate, real-time gas data so you can manage gas with precision. Customize it to suit you even more with an optional quick-disconnect for convenient storage or a top-mount compass.
Sale Price $359.00
MSRP $559.00

Scubapro G2 with smart transmitter and heart monitor

The Scubapro G2 Dive Computer is a clever colour screen computer from Scubapro with a customisable screen and the ability to dive apnea to closed circuit rebreathers.. A rechargeable Li-Ion battery and customisable screen mean you can use the G2 for your whole dive career and caters to every level of diver..
Sale Price $1039.00
MSRP $1489.00

Suunto Eon Steel with Tank Pod

The fully customizable dive computer with a bright color screen, extremely durable construction and mobile connectivity. Made in Finland..
30% OFF
MSRP $1440.00

Pre-owned Dive Computers

Our Certified Pre-owned Computers have 90 day guarranty. If you have experience a problem outside of damage from inappropriate use by you, we will fix or replace the suit with a similar pre-owned computer for free.
25% OFF

Underwater Photography Equipment

DC2000 Camera

As SeaLife’s most advanced underwater camera, the SeaLife DC2000 is designed for underwater photographers from novice to advanced. The DC2000 offers “easy setup” automatic underwater scene modes to full manual where you control all of the exposure controls. Featuring a large SONY® 20MP 1″ image sensor, automatic and full manual controls, RAW imaging capabilities, and more.
Sale Price $399
MSRP $699.00

DC2000 Pro Set

Ideal for producing rich underwater colors, the compact and intuitive DC2000 Pro Flash Set includes the Sea Dragon Flash along with the DC2000 Camera, providing stills bursting with color. Featuring a large SONY® 1” type back-illuminated 20MP image sensor, RAW formatting capabilities, 1080p @ 60fps HD video, and 8 shooting modes, the SeaLife DC2000 provides you with endless creative possibilities..
Sale Price $699
MSRP $999.00


Aqualung Core

The Core regulator’s amazing breathing, which is rated as “superior” on the ANSTI breathing machine, coupled with its generous features, at an attractive mid-range price, provides the best value of any regulator offered today. The Core comes standard with Aqua Lung’s unique, patented, auto-closure device (ACD) which seals water out.
Sale Price $399
MSRP $499.00

Oceanic Alpha 9

With the Alpha 9, you get effortless breathing in a compact design that is extremely tough yet easy to maintain and service. Oceanic set out to make a "standard" regulator that was simple, dependable and economical. What they didn't expect was that in tests it would outperform other high-end regulators. Not an easy feat for a "standard" downstream demand valve regulator. With the Alpha 9, you get effortless breathing in a compact design that is extremely tough yet easy to maintain and service..
Sale Price $299
MSRP $399.00

Pre-Owned Regulators

Our pre-owned regulators have all been overhauled to manufacturer's specifications and are waranteed for 90 days. We have high end to basic regulators good for all skillsets and budgets.
25% OFF
MSRP $299.00-1,399.95

Bouyancy Compesators

Aqualung Outlaw BC's

Aqualung broke all the rules with the creation of the Outlaw. Designed for the expert diver who appreciates a minimalistic approach to diving, the Outlaw goes back to diving freedom with no pockets, no steel D-rings and a simple backpack. Its unique modular connector system provides the quickest and easiest way to customize for your most comfortable fit, creating up to 27 different size configurations. Experience diving in its purest form.
Sale Price $250
MSRP $429.95

Zeagle BC's except the Fury

Zeagle challenges conventional wisdom in its pursuit of creating the best dive equipment in the world. We scrutinize every stitch, every material, every solution. If we believe something needs reinforcing, we reinforce it. Our attention to detail, worldwide recognition for innovation, and unwavering commitment to quality has been the essence of Zeagle for more than three decades―and continues to define us.
10% - 30% OFF
MSRP $249.95-679.95


All Pre-owned Drysuits

Our Certified Pre-owned Drysuits have 90 day guarranty. If you have experience a problem outside of damage from inappropriate use by you, we will fix or replace the suit with a similar pre-owned suit for free.
25% OFF
MSRP $699.00-1,574.95

Freediving Fins

SEAC Motus Fins

The Seac Motus long fins are loved by freedivers and underwater fishermen from their first experience thanks to the outstanding comfort of the foot pocket and the ease of finning. The 22° angle between the blade and foot pocket optimizes thrust with minimum effort. The Seac Motus freediving and spearfishing fins are easy to put on thanks to the full foot pocket that is made in a double thermoplastic material: a harder rubber for the sole and a softer one for the back of the foot. The feeling of great comfort makes it possible to use the Seac Motus long fins all day, making them ideal for diving and during intensive fin training for dynamic apnea.
Sale Price $89.95
MSRP $129.95

Mares Freediving Fins

The Razor spearfishing fins are designed for divers who love a soft but reactive fin; for medium depth and surface fishing. This model is 30% softer than the Razor Pro fins.
The X-Wing Apnea freediving fins have a blade made of pre-impregnated fiberglass layers. These fins combine the power of a long and resistant blade, with an extremely comfortable foot pocket. These high-quality, high-performance fins have one of the longest blades within Mares’s offer. Available with soft or medium stiff blade.
30% OFF
MSRP $225.95-483.95

Mask, Snorkel, and Fins Package

TUSA Mask, Snorkel, Fins Package

TUSA TriQuest Mask, Platina II Snorkel. Vesna Fins (M or L)
$100 OFF
MSRP $318
Limited stock

Spearfishing Package

SEAC Spearo Package

SEAC Mask, SEAC Booster Fins, SEAC Fire Speargun, SEAC Torpedo Float, SEAC Black Shark Wetsuit and Anatomic Socks.

Sale Price $742.28
MSRP $927.85
Limited Stock

Weights and Weight Belt

Lead 10% off with any weight belt purchase

Zippered Pocket Weight Belts

All zipper pocket belts.

Sale Price $25
MSRP $49.95
Limited Stock

Spearpro Marseilles Weight Belts

The SpearPro weight belt is made out of a mixture of materials that allow for the perfect amount of stretch (not too little, not too much) and also for a long life. Most belts in the market are either made of materials that do not flex or are made of pure latex that stretches too much and goes bad within a year.This belt is 4mm thick and can be loaded with up to 30lb of weight. and comes in various camo paterns.
Sale Price $39.95
MSRP $59.95
Limited Stock