Pre-owned and Closeout Gear for Sale!

Lighthouse Diving Center has lots of closeout items and used gear for sale right now that has been acquired through trade-ins, purchases, customer returns, and rental releases.

Safety is our #1 priority

Safety is #1 with us. That’s why prior to selling, all of our BCDs, gauges, computers, cameras and wet/drysuits are inspected, cleaned, pressure tested and refurbished and all regulators are ultrasonically cleaned and overhauled by our certified technicians using original manufacturer’s parts.

We evaluate our used gear to give you a realistic representation of the quality of our gear using the following grade scale.

10 New – These Items are unused and show no sign of wear. 100% of the products life left.

9 Like New – Equipment was previously owned but shows very little sign of handling. 95%-100% life left.

8 Excellent – Item was used a handful of times and shows minor signs of wear. 85%-95% of the products life left.

7 Very Good – Equipment was used but well taken care of. 75%-85% of product life left.

6 Good plus – Item was likely used for several years, maybe has 50 dives on the gear. 60% – 75% of life remaining.

5 Good – Equipment was used a lot and  well taken care of. about 50 % of life left.

4 Good Minus – Item is used heavily with lot’s of signs of use. 30%-50% of life left.

3 Fair – Product was used heavily for many years but is still functioning. 25% of life left.

2 Poor – Item still Functions but is on it’s last legs and needs to be retired. 10% life left.

1 Bad A garbage bag would be more functional dive gear. Throw it out.

Most of the items can be found at our Lynnwood Lighthouse shop, but we can have them available at our Seattle and Tacoma Shops upon request. Purchases can also be made over the phone and we can have Products sent to you!

Check back frequently for used gear updates!