NAUI Freediver

This is where it all begins. Courses are offered on weekends . Each course includes classroom discussion time, and swimming pool time to learn your dive skills in a safe, fun environment. You will also get on two Puget Sound certification sessions. This is the best course in Seattle to learn all the basic skills, diving science, and safe practices in the classroom, pool and open water environments.


Safe Buddy

The Safe Buddy program is designed to educate uncertified Freedivers, and aquatic minded persons, in the Safety and rescue techniques necessary for Breath-holding. This program will help to increase safety awareness during recreational breath-holding/freediving activities. This course does not include any instruction on increasing Freediving performances or improving personal freediving technique. This course teaches: Safety and Problem Management for Apnea Training Near Blackout and Blackout Management

Coaching Sessions

Are you looking to meet certain breathhold skills or looking to refine your skill and techniques. Then consider coming to one of our coaching sessions


Open Line Sessions

Join us on an open line session to hone in on your depth training skills, set new personal bests within your level of training or just come to enjoy freediving in a safe and controlled manner. (All participants must be certified)