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The NAUI Familiarization-Instruction-Testing (FIT) program is a precursor and required class for divers working toward becoming NAUI Assistant Instructors, NAUI Divemasters, and for Scuba Instructors from other agencies who want to cross over and become elite, legendary NAUI Scuba Instructors.

What You’ll Learn

The aim of the NAUI FIT is to familiarize future NAUI scuba leaders with NAUI curricula as well as teach them practical and effective methods for teaching.  Students receive the instructions and evaluations from instructors that are needed to prepare them for NAUI leadership training.  NAUI FIT students are given scuba knowledge, water skills and other performance evaluations, critiques and counseling to ensure they are aware of their state of preparedness. 


• Be at least 18 years of age prior to the start of training

• Certified as a NAUI Rescue Scuba Diver or the equivalent

• Certified as a NAUI Nitrox Diver or equivalent

• Certified as a NAUI Master Scuba diver or equivalent

• Certified in NAUI Dive First Aid for Professionals or equivalent
• Have a minimum of 30 logged open water scuba dives with a minimum of 12.5 hours bottom time
• Other agency leaders who meet all prerequisites may attend a NAUI FIT Program

Course Fee: $300.00

Materials: NAUI FIT Program Packet – $195.00


Once you graduate from NAUI FIT, be sure to register for NAUI Assistant Instructor Course, Divemaster Course or Instructor Crossover Course as soon as possible. Other agency leaders who are NAUI FIT graduates may attend a NAUI Instructor Training Course. NAUI FIT graduates are encouraged to attend their anticipated leadership course within one-year time-frame of completing their respective courses when possible.